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The value of shipping is directly related to the destination and shipping weight of the order. During the process of purchase, the value will be indicated to you before finalizing the order. We placed already at its disposal a comprehensive table of all the values ​​depending on the destination and the weight of the order.

Shipping costs table

Portugal (Continenta e Ilhas)

Portugal (Continental), Portugal (Ilhas)

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Alemanha, Áustria, Bélgica, Bulgária, Croácia, Dinamarca, Eslováquia, Eslovenia, Espanha, Estônia, Finlândia, França, Grécia, Holanda, Hungria, Irlanda, Itália, Lituânia, Luxemburgo, Noruega, Polônia, Reino Unido, República Checa, Romênia, Suécia, Suíça, Turquia

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Estados Unidos da América


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Up to 50,00 € 20,00 €
Up to 100,00 € 15,00 €
Up to 150,00 € 10,00 €
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